The definitive storyteller in film

To tell a perfect story, you need the best experience in every field. Understanding the people is the first thing, just knowing who talk to who and the emotions of the day, it is less chaotic than trying to film everything. Its structure. I am a fine believer in synchronicity. The connection you have with each other. The way you warm to your closest friends and feel what your family feel. Its organic, its synchronised. Knowing when to step in and knowing when to step back. Being part of the family, being nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

After teaching video for 7 years i decided to set up my own business and within the first 6 months I was traveling around the world shooting some amazing weddings. 6 years into my wedding storytelling journey and i am known well in my local area and I have made some great friends in the industry.

My approach is purely cinematography. It’s the hollywood film that draws you in closer. It is the understanding not only of the people but of the light and shapes placed in front of me. My passion for cinematic work and people is why i am recognised as of the few people in the world who has seamlessly transitioned throughout the arts of photography and film.