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Tobi + Tom // The Baltic + The Vermont - Wedding Film

An epic rescue of An emotional + fun packed  journey

The wedding on the radio

Tobi + Tom / The Baltic / The Vermont wedding.  

Methods: Romantic / Quirky / Fun-Loving / Natural

This was the wedding that never went full viral and we wanted to keep it that way.   Tobi and Tom had to cancel the wedding the day before due to heavy snowfallI.  It was announced on local radio by a bridesmaid as they needed a new venue away from the cut off areas of Northumberland.  The Baltic and the Vermont both stepped in and saved the day.  When I got the call my bags were packed along with my shovel and a pre-empted booking at a hotel in Alnwick to ensure I was ahead of the snow the day before the wedding to avoid any potential issues.  So when i got the call i was both hyped for digging my way through the snow in Northumberland but gobsmacked that they had managed to cancel and rearranged the whole wedding in less than a day.  

With so much on the line, family, friends, suppliers bunched together to make this the wedding to remember.  It was truly an awesome day for all as we started with snowballing at the Baltic and ended with sparklers at the Vermont.  What an amazing feat this wedding really was.  It was unprecedented, unheard of and we knocked it out of the park.  

Most of all it was just for Tom and Tobi to treasure.  There were tears of rejoice that it had all worked and I decided some stories are better experienced than told so the tears weren't for the cameras eyes.  They were for the family.  It was an intimate moment for all.  A very special occasion indeed!  Love_life+family-PL xx

Hi Paul,

Your photos are amazing! Thank you again for being so flexible with the plan and so supportive during the day. Thank you so much for the photos and the video - all absolutely incredible - you’ve done a really spectacular job.

— Tobi Somerville





I live for the moments.  I look back for the tears. I want to see people and I want to see life.


His story is your history


Dickiebow Films is a wedding film company set up by Paul Liddement.  His aim is to design wedding films the way they should be.  Modern, personal, fun, and unobtrusive, and at the same time, well, timeless.  Paul approaches each wedding film with an emotional investment.  He wants to care about you and your day, and he wants to invest emotionally in you, as people.  This way he can create something spectacular.  He wants to be tearful whilst making your trailer and excited to hand the finished film over to you.


Dedication to the craft


Over 8 years in a videography teaching background.  Over 200 weddings experience in photography in 4 years following that.  Internationally published and recognised.  On my 200th wedding I decided that maybe it is time to bring my expert design and approach to filmmaking and finish what I started. 

Travel to places


Paul loves to travel.  Paul is a people, person.   Paul is a storyteller.  That ability to pick up on your needs.   To be able to blend in with your personalities comfortably.  It is simply on a different level.  Everywhere there are interesting people, fascinating places, unique stories and memories I want to keep.  No matter if you are a little fun, a little reserved, a little bit different.   Paul wants you to feel safe, and he wants you to have that platform to flourish.


Real stories take time

Your wedding film is unique and therefore takes special care and attention.  Paul's videos are emotional, personal and like a Hollywood movie, to get this timing right it simply cannot be rushed.  In order to produce a once in a lifetime product, I have limited availability throughout the year.  Paul is almost fully booked for 2018, so please do get in contact as soon as you can.


Your story is your heritage, your legacy, the treasure you leave behind.





Trust your cinematographer.  your story. Paul's vision.


Wedding Film

Your wedding film will be designed entirely with your wedding story in mind.


I produce a 3-5 minute trailer as seen on this website.

There is also an option for a 30+ minute collection of your full day including the full ceremony and speeches.  


You will receive an instant download ready to share on all social media as you please.


If you feel the need to chat about my approach on the day I am free to speak over Skype / Telephone, and I am always available through email.

He was a complete pleasure to work with both prior to; on the day itself and afterwards. His method of story telling paints a beautiful picture and he really captures the essence of the day. He is friendly, professional and fantastic at what he does!
— Kielly Ann Arbuthnot

Your moments.

Your day.



Stories do travel


Paul relies on word of mouth and so far...over 227 Weddings, globally publicised and only 2 destination weddings and it is as though his journey has only just begun.  It is exciting.  It is daring.  But talent beats experience.  And feeling beats packaging.  So connect with Paul.  Lets see if you both synchronise. 



Wedding film Trailers


Olivia + Matthew // Le Petit Chateau

A Stylish + Fun Packed journey

Olivia + Matthew, Le Petit Chateau wedding.  A stylish and fun packed wedding that was energetic but sophisticated throughout.  A very relaxed and smart couple, who kept everything calm and collected whilst keeping the electricity flowing throughout the day.  This wedding story was full of laughs and enjoyment throughout and the few moments there were where Olivia and Matthew had some time away, the moments they had lasted a lifetime.  Le Petit Chateau was the perfect setting for this lovely day.  The videography and photography captured this day very well.

We love the photos and video that Paul took of our wedding! He knew all the best places to get stunning work of our wedding at le petit chateau. He was friendly and relaxed on the day and integrated well with guests. He put us at ease which meant that we got natural work of us enjoying the day.
— Olivia Mcknight


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Hello, I am Paul Liddement, the director of Dickiebowfilms. I am a friendly and considerate artist.  I pride myself on being a wedding cinematographer that is aptly qualified as a cinematography teacher.  This extra care of professionalism, and understanding of peoples needs in a group environment is an unseen factor in hiring me as your cinematic filmmaker.

My cinematic films have legacy stylistics too.  Much like Hollywood movies, my films are graded using a tried and tested method which has been used on over 200 designed wedding stories over a 5 year period.   Simply put, my style is timeless.  

If you are looking for a full time wedding specialist who invests in your wedding on a personal level, please feel free to share your wedding date information below.  Thank you.

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