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Dickiebow Films is the perfect destination for our brides looking for a distinguished Bellingham wedding videographer.   Although technically we are filmmakers simply down to our approach.  We bring that personalisation and wealth of experience that is unmatched in our efforts towards producing  our wedding films.  With over 5 years experience in the wedding industry and 7 years experience teaching videography, we can safely say that Dickiebow Films products are masterfully created.


Dickiebow Films aims to distinguish itself from the ever present 'wedding video' makers with fixed formulas and 'same day edits'.  This is why we call ourselves filmmakers.  Attention to detail, storytelling and edit style takes 10 times longer than an average wedding video, so the two are worlds apart in terms of effort, approach and end product.  It is more Ferrari over Fiat, Prada over Primark.


The best kind of experience for anyone looking for a wedding videographer in Bellingham, is to find someone who has the teamwork approach.  Most wedding filmmakers adapt this approach.  We specifically have good connections with all of the most reputable photographers in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Northumberland and the North East.  This means that we can work harmoniously on your day more as part of a team simply because we already know your photographer on a personal level and we understand the needs of their product and business as well.


Dickiebowfilms, Dickiebow Films, Dickie bow films...

However you want to say it.  Our name reflects our ideals.

Firstly, we are wedding specialists.

Second, our approach is a bit quirky, but relaxed and very modern in keeping.

Thirdly, we like to have fun.


Our pitch is like no other though....


We have mastered the art of film design as well as approach.  215 weddings later we have built our audience on reputation alone, no fancy sales, no wedding fairs, no award schemes, no nonsense.  Just dedication to the craft behind the scenes and to our brides on the day.  


Our film design is second to none too.  We want to be known as the first videographer in the country to successfully match our video edit science pallet to that of our tried and tested high end photography edit pallet.  What this means is our videos will look like our photography if you hire us for both specialisms.  This is unheard of.  Simply put, video and photography are crafted so differently that the science behind the edit never matches.  Until now.  We are so excited for our brides taking us on for both specialisms.



Bellingham Wedding Videographer

From start to finish, those who book us for our Wedding videography in Bellingham will find that we have a very accommodating and in the background approach.  We will interact with the day and guests at appropriate times only.  It really is the best way to have someone create a film for your day.



Wedding film Trailer Example


Olivia + Matthew // Le Petit Chateau

A Stylish + Fun Packed journey

Olivia + Matthew, Le Petit Chateau wedding.  A stylish and fun packed wedding that was energetic but sophisticated throughout.  A very relaxed and smart couple, who kept everything calm and collected whilst keeping the electricity flowing throughout the day.  This wedding story was full of laughs and enjoyment throughout and the few moments there were where Olivia and Matthew had some time away, the moments they had lasted a lifetime.  Le Petit Chateau was the perfect setting for this lovely day.  The videography and photography captured this day very well.

We love the photos and video that Paul took of our wedding! He knew all the best places to get stunning work of our wedding at le petit chateau. He was friendly and relaxed on the day and integrated well with guests. He put us at ease which meant that we got natural work of us enjoying the day.
— Olivia Mcknight
Le Petit Chateau Wedding Videographer.jpg