Nicola + Jonny // Matfen Hall

A classical + emotional journey

Jonny + Nicola, Matfen Hall.  A wonderful couple sharing some unique moments under dramatic skies. Such a beautiful day, packed with emotion, laughs and held together by a calm weather in the grand setting of Matfen Hall. 

Paul you are outstanding. We have watched the Short Film now and cried both times. I can’t thank you enough. You have well and truly worked very hard and put a lot of effort into our film; we can certainly tell. We were just blown away, totally lost for words ...... Amazing, beautiful and most definitely emotional.  You are one talented man thank you so, so much.
— Nicola Martin


I think you just know when you watch your wedding film back and you haVe goosebumps.

I care about your journey, your thought and feelings.

Your moment in time.