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I am Paul, a Yorkshire based wedding videographer.  I have over 200 weddings experience. I have a tried and tested cinematic wedding style that encapsulates the kind of work you see in Hollywood films.  My inspirations are tearful and heartfelt masterpieces in Hollywood in terms of narrative and modern in terms of styling.  I have an unobtrusive hands off approach.  I don't force your guests into awkward and cheesy guest messages.  But I do blend in with them comfortably and tell your story with them in it.  I don't have loads of big cameras tripods and bags.  I do have small cameras that are easily hidden and don't dominate your ceremony.  I am not a typical wedding videographer. I do unobtrusive cinematic storytelling.  Im not an ex-student of videography.  I am an ex-teacher of film.  I don't treat your wedding like an assembly line clone of the last one.  I do love people and personalities and stories.  And i get excited for each and every one!


 Photo + FILM Humanist wedding deal

£1800 (£4200 sold SEPARATELY)

Photography for the day

There is 1 price for full day coverage including the evening after the first dance.  This also includes a context meeting and a reconnaissance of the venue.  Films are given my signature stylistic and cinematic editing treatment. All travel is included. 

You receive a 5-8+ minute highlight film


This offer is only AVAILABLE within 2 days of your enquiry


Booking fee - £500



Dickiebow Films is the perfect destination for brides looking for one of the best wedding videographers in Lakes District.   Dickiebow Films brings both personalisation and a wealth of experience to a more distinguished cinematic wedding film.  Dickiebow Films owner, Paul Liddement has been featured in magazines, television and many blogs around the world for his masterfully created wedding work.  Paul is recommended by many of the very best wedding venues, as his relaxed storytelling style approach just works as a tried and trusted wedding supplier..


Over 200 weddings experience / cinematic films



Lakes District Wedding Videographer

From start to finish, those who book us for our Wedding videography in Lakes District will find that we have a very accommodating and in the background approach.  We will interact with the day and guests at appropriate times only.  It really is the best way to have someone create a film for your day.

Olivia + Matthew // Le Petit Chateau FILM TRAILER

A Stylish + Fun Packed journey

Olivia + Matthew, Le Petit Chateau wedding.  A stylish and fun packed wedding that was energetic but sophisticated throughout.  A very relaxed and smart couple, who kept everything calm and collected whilst keeping the electricity flowing throughout the day.  This wedding story was full of laughs and enjoyment throughout and the few moments there were where Olivia and Matthew had some time away, the moments they had lasted a lifetime.  Le Petit Chateau was the perfect setting for this lovely day.  The videography and photography captured this day very well.

We love the photos and video that Paul took of our wedding! He knew all the best places to get stunning work of our wedding at le petit chateau. He was friendly and relaxed on the day and integrated well with guests. He put us at ease which meant that we got natural work of us enjoying the day.
— Olivia Mcknight
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Lakes district wedding videography is the perfect choice for Lakes district wedding videography. The best lakes of the United Kingdom offers stunning backdrops for a Lakes district wedding videographer. There are many Lakes district wedding videographers, but if you are looking for a personalised story, only we can produce only the finest wedding film.  Lakes district Wedding Videography and cinematic films.

Lakes District Wedding Videographer