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Film Investment

THE VISION - Your personal story

A film is more than just a recording of the day, it is an investment into a vision, one that you are going to want to watch time and time again.  It is an investment for the short term celebrations as well as for the long term legacy that you will hold forever.  


THE Immediate investment - Your joining of celebration

Short term, you will all want to celebrate after the wedding, the good times, the memories, things that were said and moments that you had.  Already some of my trailers have been watched over 200 times through private links.  So that is the couple, family, friends watching only.  All joining in the reminiscence of your day and continuing to support your celebrations way afterwards.


THE long term investment - Your heartfelt REMINISCEnce

Your wedding film is also an investment long term.  As you creep towards your twilight years you will look back more and more with fond memories and start to appreciate more and more just how stunning you both looked.  Your facial expressions, your personalities, your body language, even your voice will seem so different that you will turn to your partner and say that you were glad you had a personal film made.


THE Approach - Your Comfort with minimal fuss

The most glaring point that needs to be made here is that my films are completely unobtrusive.  I use photography cameras and lenses and only use them during moments so the rest of the time I look like a guest.  No huge rigs and shoulder cameras with cables and massive tripods stomping over you. Just small cameras appearing once in a while.  I want the experience of your wedding to be no different to your guests filming you walking down the isle with their cameras.


Your Advantage - an Art director only creates a few films a year

One of the most glaring advantages of Dickiebow Films is, as an art director I can assure you that the quality, personalisation and emotion will be there for every wedding that I do.  The unique storytelling, the interesting compositions, the direction and the use of light.  My films are methodically directed, with minimal intervention, leaving no storytelling to chance.  All of my films are also artistically graded in post production taking up to 8-10 weeks, by myself and an in-house editor, so only up to 15 wedding films can be created with this level of care per year.  


There are 2 approaches to weddings - video media or cinematic film

I have worked with dozens of videographers and I know the industry so well, I can safely say there are 2 approaches.  Cinematic film or video, or as I like to call it, Gordon Ramsey vs McDonalds.

The video approach: £800 - £1200 (not my pricing) 30-200 videos a year.

90% of video on the market is created with an assembly line approach, enabling same day edits and supported by paying venues up to £200 per recommendation.  The care of your individuality isn't there and your wedding is a clone of someone else's wedding already produced.  This systematic way of making video is forced and always uncomfortable for guests and awkward on your day.  

The film approach: £1200 and over. 10-30 films a year.

10% of the market are artists like myself who prioritise the people and the art over the business amount.  We care about quality not quantity.  We grade our films which actually takes a few weeks rather than a day, just like a Hollywood film.  Your film is built around your story too which takes weeks of narrative design work.  Proper filmmakers, time wise can only make 10-30 wedding films a year.  As artists we work flexibly around your day understanding your people better.  Its just much more comfortable and nicer for you over 8-10 hour period. 


Your value - Quality products always last

Value is a 2 way street.  I want you to value your wedding film, as I value my efforts.  My passion for people means I want your story to make sense and feel like your own.  I also want your wedding film to work in harmony with your wedding photography.  I have worked along side so many cheaper videographers, and they miss moments and squabble with the photographer.  I work in harmony with your photography and thats down to my approach to the quality of your experience.  I want your day to be more of you and less of the suppliers.

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Hello, I am Paul Liddement, the director of Dickiebowfilms.  I taught video for 7 years and I have over 230 wedding experience as a high end wedding photographer.  As an ex-teacher, my understanding of peoples needs in a group environment is an unseen factor in hiring me as your cinematic filmmaker. 

Much like Hollywood movies, my films are graded using a tried and tested method that is timeless.  

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