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Film Investment



Your personal film

Your film will be personal and designed to say much more about you than a normal film. As you mature in life, I want your legacy to represent you at your best. I approach your film as a friend would, understanding the fond memories that capture your heart.


Your Comfort with minimal fuss

My films are completely unobtrusive.  I use minimal equipment, no huge shoulder cameras with cables and massive tripods stomping over you. Just small cameras appearing once in a while.  I want the experience of your wedding to be no different to your guests filming you walking down the isle with their cameras.


Your unique Art direction

I can assure you that the quality, personalisation and emotion will be there for every wedding that I do.  Your wedding will benefit from unique storytelling, interesting compositions, and the use of light.  Your film will be something unique to you.

Relaxed + ready Approach

My approach to your day is very hands off. I prefer to understand the scene and be in the right place at the right time, whilst ensuring your photographer is happy and relaxed. My approach works very well at new venues, destination weddings, and high end weddings with celebrities in attendance.


limit the weddings, distinguish The care

I have worked with dozens of videographers and I know the industry so well. The majority of work out there is high volume, quickly produced and cheap and awkward on the day. As an artist, I decided pretty early on that for my weddings, the quality comes first, and the couples come first. I want every wedding to be approached differently and with care, with that comes effort, skill, personality, the right approach and time.

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Here at Dickiebow Films, I aim to offer something that is a bit more personalised and why I offer bespoke packages which you can custom build from the options below.

Building your perfect wedding cinematic story only takes seconds!

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Light Package - 5 MINUTE CINEMATIC TRAILER + 1 hour Documentary - £1800

INCLUDED: The trailer is cinematically designed with multiple storytelling devices in place to draw emotion. The 1 hour documentary video is less on the storytelling and more on the featured footage. From start to finish, speeches, ceremony and all.

APPROACH: I have a none obtrusive and relaxed approach to telling your story. I work with your wedding planner in preparation and I work harmoniously alongside your photographer on the day.

EQUIPMENT: l work with minimal equipment using 2 small cameras and 4 audio recording devices to ensure that there are a variety of angles covered and the best sound. .

DESIGN: I grade all of my film trailers and design the narrative with emotion and individuality in mind rather than an assembly line approach.

DELIVERY: All work is available via digital download and presented on Vimeo.


Story Package - 5 MINUTE CINEMATIC TRAILER + 1 hour Documentary + 15 - 20 MINUTE CINEMATIC HIGHLIGHT FILM - £1995

Including everything from the ‘Light package’ but with the addition of a highlight film. The hightlight gets the same cinematic treatment as a trailer but with more content, more audio from the speeches and more care in attention to your story.

Delivered on a USB and on Vimeo.


CARE Package - 5 MINUTE CINEMATIC TRAILER + 1 hour Documentary + 15 - 20 MINUTE CINEMATIC HIGHLIGHT + PRE Wedding VIDEO - £2495

Including everything from the ‘Story package’ but with the addition of the pre wedding video shoot. A pre wedding video shoot, is the story of you and is perfect for those who want something that captures the movement, flow and sounds of the location they love.

Delivered on a USB and on Vimeo.



Including everything from the ‘Care package’ but with the addition of the Raw footage. Whilst many things left on the cutting room floor, there is an opportunity for you to access and keep all of the raw footage to do with as you please.

Delivered on a hard drive for computer use.


Check for availability

In order to provide the best possible service and commitment to the full production of your wedding,

I only take on a maximum of 25 wedding films per year and a maximum of 3 wedding films per month.

22/25 Wedding film dates Unavailable for 2019


Jan: 26.  Feb: 19,28. Mar: 17,23.

Apr: 14,20.  May: 5,18.  Jun: 8,29.  Jul: 6,27.

Aug: 10,24. Sep: 7,28.  Oct: 5,12.  Nov: 04,12.  Dec: 20.

12/25 Wedding film dates Unavailable for 2020


Jan:.  Feb:. Mar: 03,28.

Apr: 04.  May: 23,29.  Jun: 20,21.  Jul: 18,23.

Aug: 01, Sep:.25.  Oct:.03.  Nov:  Dec:

UK / Sweden / USA / Thailand / Canada / France

Hello, I am Paul Liddement, the fun cinematographer of Dickiebowfilms.  I have over 250 wedding experience and I have worked alongside every major videographer and cinematographer in the region. I taught video for 7 years prior to becoming a wedding specialist so my understanding of peoples needs in a group environment is an unseen factor in hiring me as your cinematic filmmaker. 

Much like Hollywood movies, my films are graded using a tried and tested method that is timeless.  

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