Film Investment



Your personal film

Your film will be personal and designed to say much more about you than a normal film. As you mature in life, I want your legacy to represent you at your best. I approach your film as a friend would, understanding the fond memories that capture your heart.


Your Comfort with minimal fuss

My films are completely unobtrusive.  I use minimal equipment, no huge shoulder cameras with cables and massive tripods stomping over you. Just small cameras appearing once in a while.  I want the experience of your wedding to be no different to your guests filming you walking down the isle with their cameras.


Your unique Art direction

I can assure you that the quality, personalisation and emotion will be there for every wedding that I do.  Your wedding will benefit from unique storytelling, interesting compositions, and the use of light.  Your film will be something unique to you.

Relaxed + ready Approach

My approach to your day is very hands off. I prefer to understand the scene and be in the right place at the right time, whilst ensuring your photographer is happy and relaxed. I want every wedding to be approached differently and with care, and the right approach at the right time.

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